For those with the proverbial sweet tooth, few things in life are as delectable as chocolate fondue. The warm, creamy goodness that is melted chocolate can be a treat all by itself, but when paired with a favorite fruit, it is truly exceptional. And fortunately, creating a blissful chocolate fondue is not nearly as complicated as one might expect.

There are dozens of possibilities when it comes to chocolate fondue recipes. These recipes can range from simple chocolate and cream combinations to those that involve a variety of liqueurs and other flavoring agents. Many of these recipes can be found through online sources, but there are also a host of cookbooks that also contain brilliant recipes as well.

Making a quality chocolate fondue does require the right equipment in order to achieve the best results possible. Chocolate must be melted without coming into contact with direct heat, so a double boiler is often recommended. Another popular option is the chocolate fountain, which is not only an effective way to melt the chocolate, but they are interesting visually as well. However, as a general rule, fountains tend to be much more expensive than a double boiler.


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