Fountains of Chocolate

What inner child is not excited by the idea of fountains of chocolate? The thought of an endless supply of warm, melted chocolate cascading into a pool of sugary goodness is a culinary fantasy for anyone that is a fan of sweets. Fortunately, chocolate fountains can be purchased or rented from numerous sources throughout the country.

Fountains of chocolate come in a variety of sizes and designs. Professional grade fountains are often quite large and can incorporate four or five tiers into their design. These are ideally suited for large banquets or corporate events and can often accommodate up to twenty pounds of chocolate. Those fountains that are designed for home use are typically smaller in size, but many still utilize multiple tiers.

If you are planning an important event or are coming up on a special occasion, fountains of chocolate can be great centerpieces for the celebration. They are as pleasing to look at as they are to sample from, and when combined with a variety of fresh fruit, they are the ultimate way to present the dessert course. They can also turn your simple party into an event that friends and family will talk about for years to come.


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